Amusing Hobby T72

Just some pics of this new kit that I’ve been working on.
So far the fit has been good.
It comes with an full interior and I assembled the drivers area today to see what the kit gives you and it is quite a lot.
I’m still not sure if I’ll use it as you can see from photos not much can be seen thru that tiny hatch.


Looking good. A shame the interior would not be visible through the hatch, but at least you’ll know it’s there…


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This is why I don’t build Miniart tanks (I know this one is not from them). A lot of parts which remain invisible in the end.
Enjoy your build!



But Miniart sell two versions of their kits, with and without interiors.
They usually release the interior kit first and the reduced, i.e. cheaper, one comes a few months later

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Looking good. I like the looks of this kit and may have to get one myself.

Thanks guys-I’m not sure yet if I’ll leave the hatch open or not yet. In really just wanted to see who’s it all looked and fit, and the fit is great.

How about building a simple tub from sheet styrene to mount the interior in so that it can be shown as a stand-alone model?

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In hindsight I wish that I had not glued anything in the hull and I could have used your idea.

Maybe next time …

How well did you glue it in?
I’m thinking about those small saw blades shaped like nr 11 knife/scalpel blades.
It could be possible to get the internal parts off without too much damage, the damage would be on surfaces that would be invisible afterwards

I think there is too much glue by the turret ring.
Amusing is coming out with a AV version with interior.

Hatch in-not glued and appliqué armor plate on.


Some 3D parts-will be primed soon

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The Turret. The top part is separate like the real deal and fits great but does need to be puttied. I’m not doing the interior but have to do some so as to mount the coax.
Fit is great.



Look at the size of that gun!

It’s almost ridiculous

Got mine in the mail today. The freight handlers between China and here did their best to destroy my kit but the contents managed to survive. The seller did a great job packing that thing.
The sprues look amazing and I can’t wait to dig into this once I get some other projects completed and off the bench.