Amusing Hobby: Tiger (P) | Armorama™

Amusing Hobby shares image renderings of its upcoming 1/35 scale kit.

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Still does not appear to have Zimmerit coating!!

It has zimmerit - it says so on the box.

Thank you very much, did not notice - it’s me eyes!!

I guess that the CAD-renders were done before adding the zimmerit structure
OR the zimmerit comes as separate sheets of some thin material

I wonder about the accuracy of this kit’s interior. I’ve been looking out for Tiger internals data for many years, and this particular vehicle is a mystery still.
Turret : standard like a Tiger H? But which version Tiger H? Or is the layout specific to the Tiger P project?
Hull : I can only recall a couple of prototype mockups at the front. What’s in the rear?
Modifications: even if we knew the above, this tank has been altered. An extra radio set is added. Do we even know where?

To me, this seems equivalent to a “Panzer 46” model.


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The kit is the same of this picture, no?


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Yes, it is exactly that vehicle. It was unique.


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:+1: Thanks!!!

Damn it. First I thought, yeah, yeah, they reissue a model… and then boom- an interior.

Ten years ago I would have been ecstatic about it, now I am just weeping for my wallet.
So many tanks with interiors out there… first world problems for sure.