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This is Amusing Hobby's French AMX-50B. It's based on the fifth prototype located at the museum at Saumur. It has a 120mm gun and a cast lower hull referred to as "surbaissé" (lowered) that was used to save weight. Only five prototypes were built in the late 40s and early '50s, and the project was eventually canceled. As a rule, I really enjoy Amusing Hobby kits. This kit was no exception. It's a very unique subject and a straightforward, enjoyable build.

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Very nice; I saw the announcement then forgot about it; right up my street even if it never came into service. A chunky piece of Cold War armour that’s hard to ignore. I will have to get one!

Amusing Hobby sure ring the changes.

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Amusing Hobby bring the rare tanks but they bring exceptional quality as well. Their models drop together with Tamiya - like perfection. They are a pleasure to build.

Amusing Hobby is really the only one to care about some of these less produced tanks, both in real life and in the miniature world. They don’t release the same thing over and over and cover less the things already on the market. That alone is something I want to support.

No shaming on other companies releasing similar kit over and over though.

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