AMX 13 mod58 walkaround

Hi all
I’ve posted to my site a walkaround of the former Dutch AMX 13 mod58 preserved at Saumur museum. I tried to get the measurements needed to scratch the missing parts in the Takom kit. So hopefully it should be useful.

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AMX 13 mod58 NL

Enjoy the visit.


Thanks Olivier. These will come in very handy, especially the ones with the tape measure.

You might want to advise Saumur that they left the mould seem on their spare wheel’s tyre… :clown_face:


I’ll tell the museum staff Peter :wink:

As a side note, the Dutch tracks are not the same as the French ones. They do not have neither the side holes nor the boltheads to secure the rubber pads. Consequently the guide teeth are not offset too. Unfortunately there is no AM tracks for this type yet.


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