AMX-30 track links/side

What is the approx # of links per side on the AMX-30?

As many as it takes. The actual vehicle has 84 per side. On the model, it is somewhere close to that number.

To be a bit brutal - find a decent picture and count the bloody things; that’s what I do. If not, try Scalemates and look at the instruction sheets of whatever kit, and again, standby to count(!)

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Friul give you 85 links per side; Heller’s plastic replacement set gives you 88 per side. That’s helpful, isn’t it? Allowing for spares and sprue design, that says 84 per side to me. But that sort of uncertainty is why I count them on the real thing too. Don’t forget to allow for things like a worn track having a link removed to maintain tension.

Why count anything other than the run you are building. Start w/84 links put together and see how it fits your model. If you need less, take one or two off. If you need more, add a couple. It will never be what the actual vehicle has due to a lot of issues, how the model company interpreted them being the biggest.


Shall we make this a monthly update kind of thing? :slight_smile:

That said, no matter how many you use, you may find they don’t quite meet. That’s why I recommend in my post to leave the idler adjustable if you can. For the one that are not adjustable, you can make them so with a little trimming of the location key on the part.

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He’s only looking for a starting point.Of course it rearrly works out exactly.
Whenever I have a question on.links I Google it,usually posted somewhete

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Thats right; just a starting point
Most of my kits are in storage and not accessible on a short term basis but I have the metal tracks so been working on those while I wait to have a full modeling setup


I see that there are 2 different type of tracks;

These ones look very similar to Leopard tracks…is that correct?

About the Super AMX-30
reports Diehl 234 tracks.

Diehl produce a lot of different tracks so maybe that track type could also be used on some other vehicle.
I don’t have any facts though …

The German tracks were used on AMX 30B2 Brennus and AuF1 late version.


Are the “German” tracks the same as for the Leopard I?

Leopard I’s used type 139 (chevrons)

and type 640 (2 rectangular blocks)

The Friul tracks you linked to have “duckbill” extensions to the end connectors