Number of track links for MRLS

I’m wondering if anyone knows the number of links for the following kit tracks?

About 80 per side.

thank you!!!

Per AFVDB, 89 left/88 right.

Do you happen to know why that is the case i.e. different # of tracks on either side?

The suspension, like all torsion bar suspensions, is offset to due to the torsion bars. The track on one side is slightly longer than the other.

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Experienced modelers will tell you that it doesn’t matter what the real vehicle used, it’s what looks good on the model. It does no good to use the correct number of scale links when that gives you a two link gap in the track run. Other than for determining whether a track set has enough links to be used on a model, it doesn’t matter.

There are all sorts of tolerance accumulations in making models and often the fit of 1/35 scale pieces isn’t the same as 1/1 parts. Just as an example, for a 88 link track run like this, if the model’s link width is off by just 0.002 inches - less than the thickness of a sheet of paper - it will cause the run to be one link too long or too short.



There are tanks that use shorter torsion bars and are symmetrical, including the T-64.
That said, I agree with KL - I never worry about how many links the 1:1 vehicle has - I just add them until they come together. You may encounter a slight gap that is too small for another link. That’s why (when possible) I don’t affix the idler arm until the tracks are assembled. Then you can adjust it almost like the real thing.

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Make this vote number three supporting Kurt and 18bravo. You can’t go by the TM to use the exact count for exactly the reasons Kurt states. Tolerance stack up or even a slight dimensional variance by the model maker can change the number required to provide the proper look.

I went through the process of replacing some OEM rubber band tracks on some existing kits I have with AM metal tracks. In one case in order to get the proper fit neither the original rubber band tracks nor the AM tracks wound up using the same number of links, nor did either count agree with the TM.