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Ace Model shells out one more kit before we say goodbye to 2020.

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Unfortunately despite the messages I posted on Ace FB page the model is inaccurate. The roadwheels are the early type and never used on the APC. The French decals (at least) are wrong. The tracks are correct but not the most used at the time the APC entered service. The. 30 MG is not correct for the French version.


I seem to recall Olivier that you made a fairly decent model from the venerable Heller one in 1:35. As I have that in my stash I hope to do it justice one day. I doubt if we will get a better model anytime soon.

A shame that Ace Model ignored your advice on this smaller scale version.

Thank you Brian.

I already told them about some inaccuracies on their AMX 13 kit with no success. This is quite weird considering that on their website they give links to my ownsite for reference pictures? :thinking:

I expected Takom would issue more vehicles of the AMX 13 family. Let’s hope!