An ADV figure

Hi all,

Hereby I would like to share some pictures of a figure I painted about a decade ago. It’s a resin figure by ADV from France in the 1/35th scale and painted in acrylics and inks. I would LOVE to hear what you think about and all tips and tricks on how to improve my work are more than welcome.

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Welcome aboard Gino. I would like to learn some tips and tricks from you. The figure and vignette look great. :+1::+1:

If you think I can help you with something, just ask and I’ll try to answer ASAP.

It doesn’t seem like you have too much to improve upon, judging by the quality of your work here. It’s a splendid little scene and really well painted.

Thank you very much for your nice comment. I believe one can always improve in our hobby. One of the aspects I love so much about it.

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How did you paint the jacket?

Nope, really nothing wrong here!!! :star_struck:

Looks great from here. How did you paint the realistic leather jacket?

Excellent job in my opinion. The figure is very nicely done especially the leather jacket. The ground work and overall scene is excellent too!

Your old stuff was good then and it’s still good now!! How have you been my old friend? Long time since I’ve seen postings from you. Hope you and your family are well.
Wishing you a very productive and happy New Year.

Your “old Hippie Friend”

Thank you very much for the comment!

As it’s over a decade ago, I’ll try to remember. Base coat would have been leather brown. For the highlighting I added Sunny Skintone aill finally pure Sunny SKintone was used for the highest highlight. German Cam Black Brown were used to shade while black was used for the deepest shadows. Over this a slightly thinned coat of a suitable brown ink was applied (can’t remember the exact colour but it would have been something like burnt umber). I reaaplied the highlights and then started painting the scratches one by one. For the scratch itself I used either Geramn Camo Black brown or black depending if the scratch was located in an highlight or shadow place. The edge’s were then highlighted with Sunny Skintone or lightskintone, again depending on the place where the scratch is located. A very important thing about leather is that the shiny parts are in the shadow, while the highlights are flat. I hope this helps?




Please see the answer on the above question. A complete description can be found there.

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Thank you very much for the nice comment. This model holds a special place in my hearth as one of the dogs is painted to represent a dog that lived with us at the time of the painting. Un fortunately he passed away last year, but the model is still with me.

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Thanks for the information, I will give it a try on a few Alpine French tankers I have. :+1:

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Hi Charles,

yes I do remember you, thanks to the hippie reference! My memory is getting worse and it’s also a long time ago. Haven’t been painting for about 6 years due to health issues. After that I’ve been wandering in the fantasy/sci fi figures world for about another 6 years. Last year at the World Model Expo in Eindhoven I fell in love with the Historical miniatures and I’ve returned to my old love, although I plan to paint a fantasy subject from time to time. How are you and your family doing and that all your wishes may come true during 2023!

Take care,


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Alpine figure are always a joy to paint. Looking forward to your rendition of these magnificent figures.

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Hello Gino,
I had heard that you were battling some health related issues. I dropped back from modeling for a few years. I am still trying to get up to speed. I often wondered how you were doing particularly when my iTunes randomly pops up a cut from ‘The Insane Clown Posse’ CD you so graciously sent me so many years ago (the only ‘rap’ music on my predominantly R&R iTunes library) I’m glad you are good and back painting again…you’ve always been one of the best.
My family is well, thanks for asking. We became first time grandparents in July 2022.
I hope your family is doing well also.
I’m glad to see you posting in this forum, lots of good people here and as one of the premier figure painters, your knowledge and advice will be a great asset.
I figured the “old Hippie” thing would trigger some recognition in your memory…

Cheers in the New Year,C.

I didn’t expect anything else from you. When kitmaker Benelux was still alive, I always admired your work…