An-alq 167 / 188

I know one is Navy, other USAF. Are the bodies the same/ close. I’m figuring the difference is in the innards… frequencies jammed, etc .

The innards are different but also the rears are different, the 167 has fins and flat rear, the 188 looks the same on both ends. The top connection and other small details are also different.


Nuts. Tamiya’s F-16 “aggressor” kit comes with an AN/ALQ 188, which it shows for the USAF options, so I was thinking it was probably an AF only thing. I was leaning towards the NFWS version seeing Fallon is just down the road from me (though I’m more of a VCF-13 kinda guy.) and thought the jammer would be a nice touch. (16s out of Fallon are usually clean except for a captive carry winder an ACMI pod … occasionally a center line tank) Guess if I continue the project I’ll for the Arctic Aggressor one.

I get that, why not something like this?

Saw those. Trying to avoid “extras” . Seems like every idea I come up with will cost a minor fortune (When you are on disability it doesnt take much to hit that “minor fortune” barrier.) with add ons. … Was planning on a Cal. Air Guard F-15… had to tack on decals, AIM-120s, AIM-9X s to the tally. Then was thinking F-15J … add am Japanese AA missiles. (Tamiya kits come with AIM-7s and AIM-9L/M. ) Aaargh! It’s a conspiracy!

If nothing else the product gives you an idea of what it should look like and you can try to scratch something close using the sprue gates and a little sheet styrene.

True dat.

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