An old dio

An older dio from about 15 years ago. I was considering demolishing it to repurpose some parts. Just thought I’d post some pics for opinions or comments.

Location is Normandy (pretty obvious).
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I like the diorama.

Honestly, I think the light source for the pictures is too bright to let your work show its real quality.

Tweaked the lighting and more contrast shows.

I can understand wanting to reuse the setting as it’s very nicely done if you’ve grown tired of the scene. Otherwise, I’d keep as is and just build something new.


A beautiful diorama, I love the looks of it.

Wow around 2008? I wish I looked that good after 15 years. What Wade said, I’d like to see it in daylight. It’s got a lot going for it (love that bike) & apart from some shiny uniforms most of the figures are still OK & the scene’s got plenty of drama. But the base/scenics are really excellent so I could understand if you wanted to repurpose it – although I wouldn’t break up anything, it deserves re-populating as is. :+1:

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As the other said. What a great scene with lots going on. I wouldnt be taking it apart, its to good for that.

Thanks Armor_Buff. That does look better. I could have done it myself but I got lazy.
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Funnily enough, it reminds me of how my late uncle described being captured in Normandy (he was 9th SS); he said “We were in a small field with our guns (he was on the 105cm Light Howitzer) and suddenly, in the hedges we noticed British soldiers with blackened faces”, and they were just over-run, and that was that.

So, nice diorama; I’d say keep it.


Thanks all for liking…I only wish the judges at the IPMS competition liked it as much. Didn’t even place, and not because the others were better. Got beat out by a couple of real stinkers, and I’m not saying that out of jealousy, or bitterness…they really stank! That’s about when I switched to mostly naval subjects and did much better until someone better came along!
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It seems a shame to break it up, I’d say keep it Leo, it’s a very atmospheric diorama, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

G, :beer:

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Since there is some interest in this, I’ll give a backstory that inspired the dio. This action takes place during Operation Bluecoat, which was co-ordinated with the US Operation Cobra so that the front line would advance without any breaks between US First, and British Second armies. This represents a unit of British 43rd (inf) Division securing a well emplaced A/T gun of the 326th Grenadier Division, which had been making a real PITA against tanks of 11th Armoured Division. The British troops are being very humanitarian in taking the gun crew prisioner, and, more or less, intact! :wink:
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I wouldn’t put too much stock in what happened at one contest. I had a diorama that I entered in the IPMS/Nationals that did absolutely nothing. I thought it was pretty good, so I modified a couple of things and entered it in another national a few years later. It took second place and the category winner ended up being the best diorama winner too! I felt vindicated after that result. All judging is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some judges eyes aren’t very good! I like your piece and think you should keep it.
Regards, Bob

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This whole thing about contests & judges irks me, I’ve never had the ego to do either. The whole concept of deciding one work is “better” than another, or “worse”, seems bonkers. As exemplified in these forums, a work is far better assessed by peers on its own merits as a stand-alone creation. It’s irrelevant what someone else has made, what is the point of comparison?

If someone asked me to be a judge I’d run a mile. Who, me? I may have some experience and some expertise but I’m still learning. What God-given right was ever bestowed on me to judge others’ works as best, nearly best, third-best? Which deity decided I know better than someone else?

Which is why I’d also run a mile from entering a contest – with the greatest respect, I wouldn’t have any respect for any judge. That’s why I prefer to frequent these forums, everyone’s a judge but I respect each one far more as one of multiple opinions, and especially if they’ve had the balls to present their own work too.


Having been very deep into IPMS style competition and judging once upon a time with success many years ago, I’ll toss this 5 gallon jerry can of gasoline :fuelpump: into the fire.

  1. Most IPMS judges try to do a good, honest & fair job judging and following IPMS stated criteria in the judges handbook.

  2. There’s always outliers in any group like IPMS that do their own thing regardless of criteria.

  3. Apply the idea of an IPMS model contest to fine works of art by likes of this group.

Pretend they all eight entered an IPMS contest with their greatest master piece and Cassius Marcellus Coolidand enters his most popular work.

Only three will win a trophy :trophy:.

Given the various judges and luck of the draw, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Dogs Playing Poker was judged best art work occasionally at a random IPMS contest. Safe to say the other eight contestants might not agree on much other than DPP shoudn’t win.


That will probably make Cassius_Marcellus_Coolidge’s day but he’ll probably know that the judges screwed up just like most of the audience will know the judges blew the call.

Basically with any subjective contest, we pay the entry fee and take our chances. Usually the well intended, well meaning IPMS judges will do a decent job but sometimes they’ll get things wrong. That’s just the nature of the model game like an umpire calling a ball or strike wrong on occasion.

Artist or modeler, one shouldn’t take any model contest results too seriously. That goes for both folks that get trophies :trophy: and folks that don’t.

We’re all winners with the plastic model hobby if we’re having fun.


You have to take modeling contest results with a bit of Zen-like philosophy, especially contests that employ “comparative judging” to pick “winners” and (by implication) “losers.”

It can actually be good for you, I think. Whenever I start feeling like I’ve got a “big head,” I remind myself of the contest in which I entered a diorama and was beat by a - literal - “rubber toy snake pressed into a sea of blue modeling clay eating a toy ship” diorama. I actually took a photo of the winner and keep it in my “favorite models” folder and look at it every now and again just to put myself in a more balanced place.

By the way, I took my “loser” vignette to the AMPS International Convention that same year and medaled gold and won “Best Vignette.” However, at that local show, it didn’t even place, much less win.

In “comparative judging,” there is frankly no accounting for the judges’ tastes and biases - either pro or con, and sometimes the “home field advantage” is simply insurmountable. Many times, the “fix was in” before registration ever opened. You just never know, so it’s pretty pointless to lose any sleep over or to use the results to base your future show and exhibition participation on.

FWIW, I now live and model in a “post contest” world. I still register and place my work on exhibit at various shows, but I no longer enter “for judging,” display only nowadays. I enjoy exhibiting and socializing with the other modelers, talking about the various works and discussing techniques, materials and methods. There’s always something new to learn and good work to admire. Entering helps to support the host club financially while mitigating the judging and awards resources needed. This support is, IMO, important to ensuring that there will be future shows to attend (with all of the benefits - vendors, raffles, lots of great models on display to look at and admire.

So, even if you don’t want to enter the “contest” or volunteer to judge, it’s still important to do more than just cruise through the venue and shop the vendors. The shows do take a lot of money to run, and bigger, better patronized shows attract more vendors and raffle donors. Register your models just to put them on display, and when you get ready to leave the show (after shopping the vendors and buying a few raffle tickets) you can pack-up and go without worrying about the awards ceremony and the mad rush for the door and the parking lot afterwards.


I respect your opinions, and agree with you. I don’t bother with clubs or competitions or clubs anymore is because the local IPMS sucks, and I’m getting too old to drive hours to the next city. I shouldn’t gripe because I’ve won more than a fair share of awards in the last 30 years, and I retired with a couple of golds, and silver, so my ego has really been satisfied, but still… :pig: :wink:
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More or less my MO Tim; I have far more fun at a show exhibiting and interacting with Joe (modelling) Public than I think I’d have with all the angst that goes with competing (or, perhaps I’m just not competitive enough?)

If I need any validation, and I’m not sure I actually do, but it’s always nice to get some recognition, I post pics of my efforts on this site, and generally receive nothing but encouragment and/or sound advice.

To each his own of course, and to those who strive and strive and compete, well, good for them - and there are some stunning efforts out there; but for me, I’ll just plod on Eeyore-like, and soak up the wisdom and support from the Armorama fraternity(!)

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Armorama is a good test-bed before entering competitions for getting advice and comments on improving your work (although a judge’s decision and opinion may differ considerably) :thinking: :exploding_head:
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All fair points & perspectives above guys. I should clarify my gripe’s not aimed at those who choose to judge or be judged, if it works for them who am I to object? Just my personal opinion that while a rating system has its place in many aspects of Life (often a necessity) I think it’s out of place when it comes to creativity.

That said, I wouldn’t be so anti-contests if contestants were at least judged by the many i.e. “people’s choice”, rather than by the few. But even that gets tricky, should the most visually outstanding submission be rated better than the most technically perfect one? Those virtues don’t always coincide.


Medal shows ran like AMPS (Armor Model Preservation Society) do much better at walking that fine line.

Basically, four judges score the model and the lowest result is tossed. The model is awarded a medal based on a points system. There are several different skill levels modelers may choose to compete in like Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Master to ensure appropriate challenge. If 100 models with extreme merit show up in a category then 100 gold medals are scored and awarded. If 100 suck-tac-ular turds show up Zero medals are awarded. Written score and remarks are provided to the modeler to explain results and help the modeler improve.

Drawbacks, judging is more time intensive as each model/work is evaluated and scored. Judge training is important as several key points are different than traditional 1st, 2nd & 3rd judging.

There’s more but others are better suited to elaborate etc.

One thing that’s often hilarious about IPMS shows is watching the judges split hairs for thirty minutes over several models that are basically equal to get a 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Sometimes the models are all basically Bronze medal or No medal material :wink: and AMPS doesn’t waste as much time on excessively obvious results.

With that said, as far as contests go - it was much fun once upon a time. I’d do a AMPS show again as one can learn and get excellent feedback. Moving and having to toss 200+ IPMS awards in the trash due to lack of space sort drove redundancy. Managed to keep a pile of IPMS awards as well but it’s not for me anymore.

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Yep all fair enough, as I said just not for me. As proof of my sincerity, going against my own opinion SWMBO & others talked me into entering an Art competition a few years back. Two entries were (strangely) mandatory so I did what I thought was a shoe-in (10+ hours work), and the other knocked off in 15 minutes. You can see what’s coming…guess which one they accepted? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: OK I know time-taken isn’t a valid judging parameter but honestly, that 2nd entry was crap :rofl: