AN/PRC-77 radio CAD finished for 3D printing

One more CAD done for AN/PRC-77 radio for Vietnam War era:

Quite close to the real thing:

Getting better at CAD daily. :smiley: Available for 3D print purchase. PM me if interested.

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Nice one James. You are on a roll here. Keep up the good work!

Photos of its 3D prints in 1/35~!

And some Claymore mines:


where could one buy this stuff from you?..i was talking to you on the facebook vietnam war armor modellers special interest group btw,…

Hi Nick,
Please PM me, and I’ll reply with the details.

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I would love to print these for a work collegue. He’s heavily into diarama models and now I have a 3d printer he’s sent me a wish list of items PRC-77 incuded.

If you have the STL file and would like to pass it on it would be fantastic. (A donation via Paypal is not out of the question)…

Kind regards Stewart

Just PMed you. Thank you for your interest.

Would it be possible to print in 1/24 scale for bigger figures?

Yes @Electricmoose, definitely, the below were printed in 1/16 and 1/24.


That’s awesome are they available to order or buy the stl file for them?

Just DMed you for more discussion.

James_Lee, I’d also be interested in ordering the stl from you.

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This is a great design - I would like to know how I can buy it! Thanx

The STL is not available for sale at the moment. Thanks.

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