And Now For Something Completely Different

Needing a change of pace, I put this together.
As it does involve armor and a soldier, I determined it to be viable Armorama subject matter. :wink:

This unlucky Star Wars Storm Trooper came to a very grisly end, many months ago. The Empire didn’t even bother to bury him.

I merged a kit of a Star Wars storm trooper with a skeleton kit I found on Amazon.

Of course, the base was built just as I do with all of my more traditional dioramas.

I used the traditional techniques of an armor modeler, to paint the poor slob. I doubt if any SciFi modeler would have those tricks up his sleeve…

It was just a fun little exercise. One designed as a distraction from assembling yet another set of Panther track links.

I hope you’ll get a kick out of.



Like it a lot!
Just think the neck is too long. Unless the head is severed from the body…

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Quite imaginative in my opinion .As I’ve stated elsewhere I really like these “non traditional” types of builds. Great job all around. :+1: :+1:

Defiantly not a big Star Wars fan but I do like this diorama! The ground work and weathering on the figure is great. It’s fun to take a spin out of your regular area every so often.
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Looks awesome! The weathering and everything else look spot on perfect!

You may be right - the neck may be out of proportion. Thanks

Yea, it looks like whatever killed him severed his neck. Or maybe someone/something? snapped the neck while removing the helmet.

Great imaginative work you’ve got there. I think a change of pace like this is needed sometimes!

Interesting subject. Not sure I’ve ever seen a similar one. Good looking dio!

I really like ‘thinking outside the box’ items. I think they inspire a lot of people in many different ways. Well done!

Great work man! I really like the concept, definitely my style! Cheers! /Erik