And.. we are off!


Great to see the new site start hitting critical mass…Jim, thanks for all your efforts!

It is the user’s that can make or break a forum like this, so I am happy that the numbers start to rise…


I think Jim should get a very big hats off and thank you for all the hard work and time he takes to enable this to happen. Most of which goes on behind the scenes and unnoticed by the majority.
It was only a matter of time before you saw a big rush start using it here once word got out and issues were fixed/explained.
The big selling points I have are the ease of now posting pictures… That will be amazing for build blogs, and the fact that when you rego into a forum, it takes you to the last post and you no longer have to start from page 1.

I have another Q though, is there a time that’s been set when this new site will fully take over and the old site be archived ? I am wondering about campaigns starting in the new year ?

I have set the time and put up a notice for Model Shipwrights ( at about 2 days from now, so I will likely do that with most of the well trafficked sites (ModelGeek, AutoModeler, AeroScale, and Armorama).