Anime beach girl

I just call her beach girl as I just can’t remember her name, done over 15 years ago. The kit is a 1/7 resin Anime character imported by Hobby Link japan, All flesh tones hair and bathing suit were airbrushed all small details eyes, finger and toe nails and the red piping on her suit were brush painted. The high lights and shadows were done very subtle on purpose I wanted her to look like a cartoon character, gloss coat on the eyes and enamels on her nails. I understand this may not be a subject most people here are interested in but over all I am pleased with the out come. All comments welcome.


WOW That’s not bad. Better than I could have done. She looks pretty right on for the look that you were trying for.

Thanks Dagger I have always liked using my airbrush on the larger scale kits, it’s a great tool.

Not something I would ever get or do, but it’s good to see on done and painted so well… You have nailed the Anime look… Love the way the eyes turned out as well. :+1:

Really nice, I like how subtle you did the effects.

You’ve definitely nailed that cartoon/anime style in your painting- the bold colors work well against the fair skin too. As @Johnnych01 mentioned- the eyes are particularly well done.

Thanks guys I got lucky this one has held up really well over the years, not most peoples taste but it was a fun build.

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One thing about all these anime figures - they all look a little “pedo”, if you know what I mean! :thinking: :open_mouth: :exploding_head:
:smiley: :canada:
(Just an observation!)