Announced: Das Werk Trippel in 1:35

Just saw this on FB:

There was one version in Arlon when the Victory museum was still there… I don’t know where it went. An interesting and pretty much unknown vehicle…

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There used to be a fairly horrible resin kit by SMA (previous century)
so this is really good news.

Yes, I somehow remember that one :slight_smile:

It was another version though!

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I thought I could dump that old SMA kit …
Oh well, maybe I can copy details from the new kit to improve
the chassis and suspension of the SMA kit.

The one from SMA, the same type as the one currently residing in Saumur (and that one in Arlon afaik) is the Trippel SG 6/41

The one Das Werk will produce is the SG 6/38.


Very interested in this, l believe they made a fully enclosed version as well. Would like that too.

For what it’s worth, Elite Modellbau make one as well:

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I saw it in Scalemates indeed…
Dunno the quality, but if you could get it, it will be much more expensive for sure…
And again is the other type…

You mean this one (bottom picture)?

I guess that was used for civilians…

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That looks like Prof. Porsche in the bottom pic!