Another 1:50 Scale Truck weathering

Yep! It’s another 1:50 scale commission job from the same customers, who commissioned the truck/dock bay. The customer, Tobias Oscarsson, has the exact same truck in real life. This time, its a simple weathering job. I decided to go for the winter look. Here in Sweden it is cold, and I do mean COLD!!! Once again, apology for the photos. My camera has gone haywire. But when I took the photos it is below -17 degrees Celsius. My camera could not take the cold outside. Anyway, This is pretty much how it looks during the winter season for trucks. I mimic the icy, cold, frozen snow look, on top of the truck, front, and back from the melted, slushy snow on the roads ,while driving. I’ve seen this many times and decided to mimic the look on this truck, as I thought, it would look awesome. I have yet to do the bogie and trailer, that goes along with this truck. As for the trailer, I have been going to town on it. I wanted a bit more heavy winter weathering than the main truck. I used many reference photos to achieve a similar look on this trailer. I will go over and pack the snow a little tighter or compact. I’m thinking of doing a little diorama for both the truck and trailer combo, which I already have something planned. The customer has not asked for a diorama, but just want to see how it looks when placed in a diorama setting for my own personal curiosity. Hope you like the results.


Great looking build as usual. :+1:

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Another really well executed project Charles, I can almost smell the diesel/snow/mud soup you have created there.

Cheers, D

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Thanks alot.