Another Future and Pledge thread

After waiting for Future / Pledge for a long time and lost hope that we will be getting any in India in the near future…

I managed to get this version quite cheap less than $10… This is not clear like the Future / Pledge in the transparent container. It is a whitish liquid but dries clear. Have anyone tried this version before? Can I go ahead and use for clear parts dipping and sealing coat similar to the Original Clear Future?

I tried on an old model. The finish was not very glassy (so not for cars). Might be OK for amour decals etc… Dried fast and not sticky to the touch.

Let me know your experience If you have used this version of the product. Thanks in advance.

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There are many acrylic floor polish that can be used as varnish, unfortunately the only way to know if they are safe is by proof and error… Test it on an old model (or part of) using the paint you usually apply, and test it with everything you may need, specially turpentine/white spirit, decal setters, pigment fixer, water… until you are sure it can stand.

For me these products are a last resort, in case I can not find a true modelling varnish. I am simply not going to risk weeks of work for a cheap alternative.

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Future and pledge are same-same, I’ve used it on armor ( brushed it on) ,leveled very well and quite glossy

Thank you @John_Chambers I went ahead and used on my Canopy and looks fine so far… I better get one more and stock up now… :+1: :slight_smile:

Okay, complete noob here. Can you guys school me on this future business?

Hi @DennisatAutoloader It is a very old topic done to death…This is about using floor shine liquid on your precious model… Yah…
I also gave the same reaction when I first heard about it 10 yearsback, :slight_smile:

Not sure whether I can provide direct link to Y*tube here… Have a search on " Scale Modeling How-To: Straight Talk About Pledge / Future / Klear" …

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