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AFV Club announced their next release, a new variant of M110 howitzer.

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Looks nice. The title should just be “Another M110 from AFV Club” though as this is their first M110A2, the last was just an M110. It looks nice and can also be a US M110A2 as ours were the same as the ROC/Tiawan ones. It even has the spade boxes on the rear like a US version.


Oh no; what do I do with my Italeri stash and Verlinden conversions now?

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Still build them🤭

I still need to finish these.

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Spot on Frank! I normally do - it was a slightly rhetorical question I suppose. Yours look pretty good I must say. 'Never have enough black and green in the display cabinets!

What is the tracked vehicle in front of the Centurion?

It’s a what if, recce warrior, one of the many offered by GKN Sankey on paper, projects I need to get back to once I finish house and boat real jobs.

Rapier, Recce and Command.
, In photo.


Yup, build them. I still have an Italeri M110 with metal M110A2 barrel, PE, 3D printed interior, Spade Ace metal tracks, etc., etc. etc… that I will still build. Too much into it to try and sell off now for a new one. The old Italeri ones weren’t too bad either, just the horrible tracks.

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yeah, those tracks …
maybe they could be used to make a cat o’nine tails …

Excellent! I’m about 3/4 of the way through the AFV Club M110. It is excellent - far more detailed than the Italeri. This M110A2 will most likely only have a 1 sprue that is different from the M110.

I just added a short clip found on AFV CLub Facebook page to the news story.


Would this also be the correct version for the M110A2 used by the US in the Gulf War 1 ?

Yes it is.

Thanks, that is good news :slight_smile:

And I guess based on the weigth, I could put it on a M870 with M920 tractor … :thinking:

Weight-wise, yes it would be OK on an M870, but the more common carrier would be an M911 w/either an M747 or Talbert 64ton trailer, as the Meng and Hobby Boss kits depict. M870s are mainly used to carry engineer equipment.

Like such, not ODS, but same idea. M123A1C tractor w/M747 trailer hauling an M110.

Same M747 trailer, but the M911 tractor had replaced the M123 by the time of ODS.

Thanks for the feedback on the M870 trailer and the suggestion on the M911.
As I have one of those also in the stack that might be an even better idea……

Now, first I need to order the M110A2 :innocent: