Another M1A2 SEP V3 post

Been exposed to the bat flu so I’m quarantined, ugh. Started digging around for pics and found some interesting detail that I’ve not seen on a V3. 1st CAV got some new tanks in September and I noticed the tow cables, their mounting brackets and bracket guard or deflector is different. Everything is more rugged and angular. This is different from the tanks they received prior, I think it was 1-8 CAV was testing them?


Here’s a link to the video if anyone is interested


Got the bat flu! Why were you kissing bats? Thanks for the link, too.

The cables are indeed a visual giveaway. This thread mentioned that (my post, four posts down)

What struck me as is that the techs knew some parts of the tank but knew nothing of other parts. For instance, one of them was not aware of the new frontal turret armor, yet knew about the cables. Others only work the electronics, and know absolutely nothing at all about the exterior mods. (that one sorta makes sense) And most of them seem oblivious to the nomenclature. One said jokingly, “We just call it the tank.”
Nice view of “the tank” from above in GD facility. Note Bradleys at BAE Systems facility in the background.

Ahhh, I knew there was a V3 post lurking in here somewhere!

Can´t wait for the V3 to hit the plastic market :slight_smile:

Another M1 option currently being explored, seen on the interweb…

And / or

Huh?! Looks more Russian than US :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

haha, very true!

Very futuristic, will the traditionalists like it ??

They don’t look like the M1 at all. That’s not a complaint, just a note that I would assume a new M# would be assigned.

Yeah, I can see how these look Russian; does that mean their designs were ahead of their time? As for not looking like an M1, maybe that’s what needed? A complete rethink about the MBT as a weapons platform?

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I think a complete revamp and defense against UAVs, loitering munitions, and drones will be needed because no longer can the roof be vulnerable to top-attack.

It’s easy to design the new hull…designing the new turret is something else and perhaps these FMBT turrets need to change for more air defense and self-protection measures against overhead attacks.

I think the UAV/drone is changing the look of the future battlefield.

It wouldn’t surprise me if future tanks and other vehicles have organic drone launchers built in. I mean, I think the tech exists now to use them (instead of human forward observers/spotters) for artillery fire control and maybe tank targeting as well.

makes sense.
I have to admit, it may look more russian, but maybe there’s something about that. the M1A2 (not saying I believe this entirely) might not have the best/greatest design any more. so, this new lookin’ design might be for the better.