Another newbie question about US ship colors

WWII US carriers, specifically Enterprise in mid-'42. I think I know about general colors, but my question is about overheads. I particularly concerned about the overhangs of the flight deck fore and aft as well as the galleries. White or hull color (I’ve about settled on 5-S rather than 5-N for the vertical surfaces)?


Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Michael one of the best websites you can keep bookmarked for US Navy camouflage colours is US Navy Camouflage in the Second World War

USS Enterprise was in Measure 11 and 21 during 1942 so do you know which measure you’re doing?

If the overheads are external, they should be the same color as the verticals alongside.

I know about that site, Littorio, and it is a great one, thanks! I’m planning on Midway in June and I keep seeing a lot of back and forth about whether the switch to Ms 21 was before or after that, so I’m just going to make the decision to go with Ms 11.

Thanks Stikpusher, that’s what I thought but I wanted to check in with people with more information.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue: