Another really tough week health wise

Tues and Wednesday of this week unfortunately I was once again in the hospital for another heart procedure. Basically my last remaining issue is what’s referred to has EP beats or Half beats. Everyone has them but as long as your total doesn’t exceed 6% of your total beats per day, you’re ok. Well, over the last year I’ve had an external monitor taped to my chest twice for 24 hrs and each time and my percentage has reached 30% which isn’t something that the doctors can no longer just monitor.

So step 1 was to insert a monitor under my skin right on top on my rib cage over my heart’s upper chambers. The meter is bascially a mini EKG machine that records any variations from my usual heart rhythm. The meter is about the size of a AAA battery flattened to 1/3 of its dia. Then each night it will transmit the data via a receiver/transmuter next to my bed, but I don’t have the unit as yet.

the good news is that I’ve managed two work sessions at the bench, but more on that later.



Sorry to hear about your health problems, Joel. Hope everything works out.


Glad they are watching you - the Energizer Bunny is your friend now …

It’s a bugger getting older bud.

I was wondering where you went mate, I’m sure the doctors are on top of it and things will get sorted for you.

Cheers, D

Indeed it is Darren but getting old beats the alternative…


Hey Joel, good luck with this. My wife had a pacemaker installed coming up on three years ago. Hers does similar as it downloads to her phone and transmits the data as well as jumpstarting her if she goes below a certain threshold. The cardiologist said the battery will be good for 15+ years based on how little it goes off.

Thanks guys for all of your constant support, as it means way more then I thought it would, but it sure does.

Believe me, I’m trying my best not to make it to the other alternative, cause once you’re there, there’s no coming back as far as i know of.

Originally I was going with the Cell phone option as the only questions the rep from the company that makes the device as it’s pretty new and thankfully way smaller then the previous version was did I have a smart phone, did I know how to use the main functions, and was my OS up to date. I answered yes to all the questions. When I got home I tried to download the APP from the Play Store but it said that my phone wasn’t compatible. I then checked the companies site and the only phones that are currently compatible are all I phones and Samsung Galaxy’s, both the most expensive phones out there. I only have a lowly Motorola Moto G7+ which works perfectly for what I use a phone for. I highly doubt that the vast majority of people who get this procedure have $1,000 cell phones. Personally, I rather spend the money on a MFH 1/12 kit. :ok_hand: :racing_car:


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That’s a good down payment for a beautiful kit. :joy:

Keep at it and best of luck. :+1:

Stay well, Joel.

And get that MFH kit before you stop getting older .
IIRC it’s the Gurney Eagle that catches your heart-
Last I looked it is still available.

Hang in there Joel. Just take it day by day, and don’t sweat the small stuff. :wave:

Sure wish I could. I’d go for the 1/24 scale kit but there’s none on Hiroboy’s site. The 1/12 scale kit is just way out of my retired persons budget. I did check a few Porsche 1/24 scale kits but they cost $350 plus shipping.

Thanks so much for your continued support. That’s exactly what I’m doing.


Hey Joel,
If there is any consolation, I too just started going through the heart testing stuff at the Cardiologist. I am still in the testing phase. Just got done getting a 3d pic of the heart and the dreaded treadmill. So far nothing bad is standing out. I was told there may be a heart monitor in my near future.

:beer: :nerd_face: :beer:
Ok ok maybe skip the beer

Getting old is tough… being old is even tougher.:confounded:
To those with underlying health conditions, we salute you.🫡


Hey Joel, This all sounds good. A half beat may be a conduction block which can be bypassed with a pacemaker. I got mine in 2007 when my heart rate went to 2 bpm and I collapsed. No problems since with the pacer and even had it replaced after 12 years and the new one even better as it is non magnetic and I can have MRI’s if I need one. I hope your problem is as easily solved and you may have many years yet at the bench.

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Sorry to hear about this Joel. Hope they get it figured out and have something they can do for you soon.

One of my sisters just got a pacemaker and she is much better now.

thanks guys for the continued support. I can’t really express how much it does help getting through some of this, as there just never seems to be an ending to it.

the treadmill is a piece of cake compared to some of the stuff they’ll eventually send you for. The 24 hour halter is a thing of the past, as now it’s more like a big bandaid which is way more comfortable and much more accurate. Imaging with radio active dye takes literally hours which is mostly just waiting and waiting.

my heart rate isn’t the problem, it’s that nearly 1/3 of my beats per min are what they call 1/2 beats not extra beats. I’ve asked if a pacemaker would help and was told not for what my condition is now.

I’ve been battling heart issues for the last 27 or so years since my major heart attack. Sooner or later they’ll bound to come up with something that will actually help. The implanted meter just gives them data, but doesn’t do anything to regulate my condition.


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Sorry to hear all of this Joel.

For how long will they collect data?

About 4 months to come up with Plan A. The meter will stay for almost 4 years then be replaced. By then I most likely will need a pacemaker and there’s only room in there for one or the other.


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