Another Sheridan

My latest effort.




That looks pretty good Denimo.
What kit did you use? And what extra gear did you use. I like it!
Just one thing, it looks like the left side track isn’t quite on all the way. I’m referring to the 4th picture.

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Ditto that. Looks like it’s not snug on the idler. Other than that nice job. :+1: :+1:

That looks like the Academy kit. The biggest flaw with it (to me) is the lack of a clear lens for the searchlight (there are no clear parts in the kit at all). And it looks like the idlers are a little off. The could have been pulled by the vinyl tracks.
All in all it looks good.

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Thanks for that MH. It’s the Academy kit, quite old as the Drifter decal broke up while moving it onto the gun. The t/c is From Dragon’s ODS infantry. The cam net is Value Gear and nearly everything else is from either Eduard or Black Dog’s Sheridan upgrade kit. The MRE carton is Verlinden’s. BD’s one-piece curved mold of all the gear in(side) the bustle rack fits really well.

I’ll check that idler situation but the idlers definitely splay outwards as mentioned here. I’ll apply some gentle pressure.

I like the little Sheridan, I wonder how the RF version would be to build?

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Thanks Ken and Armorsmith. Comments noted.

Yeah that’s what I thought. The extra gear really adds to the overall presentation of the model.

Built the RF version and its posted somewhere on here. More expensive but much more detailed build. There is some fiddly PE but nothing too difficult unless you count time on your knees trying to get the carpet monster to give up the tiny PE parts. :grin: :grin:

Heard that was a great kit, I have the Tamiya kit can’t wait to dig into that one.

Good info. My hobbylobby floor is laminate, so no carpet monster but yes, that PE can get away from you!

Also built the Tamiya kit. A breeze to build no issues nothing fiddly. I did spring for the Tamiya metal barrel and screens.

I like Tamiya but ive got several RFM in the stash. Theyre mostly 2nd GW though and im working through ODS equipment first.