Another year and still no West German 1/35 HS30 Lang APC kit

Well, I thought that 2024 was finally going to be the year that a molded plastic kit for a 1/35 scale HS30 Lang kit would be released… That is the last Cold War armor kit I’d love to add to the collection. Takom gave us the British FV432 and the American M114 kits and I thought that this would be next in line. Well, I guess, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a 2025 release.

Sorry for the rant on this non-issue, issue!! :grinning:


I’d never heard of it, so I looked it up. There’s an interesting Wikipedia page about it - neat story complete with a post war West German political scandal!

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HS30 Lang kit

Was Available from Scalemates: Elite in Resin.

Perfect Sale Modellbau (PSM) have 3 different Hotchkiss Short resin models.

So if PSM, who specialise on post war Bundeswehr, don’t do it. then don’t hold your breath.

The usual thing is to get Gino @HeavyArty to scratch build it & at 95% complete, a plastic kit will be announced! :sweat_smile:

I note the Takom FV432 hull tub is done in such a way to easily make a FV433, FV434, and so on, but I live in hope (with a stash that faaar exceeds by build rate!) :yum:

I would have thought if anyone was going to do it, it would be Revell of Germany, but they haven’t, and if they were interested I’m sure they would have done so some time ago.

So, we’re left with Elite Modellbau, and it’s still shown as available on their site for 80-odd Euros; whilst resin tracks always deter me, it comes with a full interior, and is, as identified, the only game in town at the moment. It also comes with a metal gun barrel so perhaps the price isn’t too steep in the scheme of things.

I do have one in the stash as well as the out of production FCM one.

Perhaps if I tackle one one of the other or even both, Lo! And behold! An injection one will appear?

RoG stopped releasing own kits a while ago The are concentrating on Re-boxes. Maybe they are not profitable enough? The only hope for Schützenpanzer lang and kurz in styrene may be Das Werk/Amusing Hobby-

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