Anschluss Mercedes

The pictures of the Anschluss I have seen show plenty of Mercedes cars in the lineup of vehicles, so I definitely need to use one. Since it is not clear from the photographs, were they in civilian or military colors, or both?

Depends on which Mercedes it was.
The Reichswehr had Kübelwagens based on Mercedes cars

I don’t know if they used conscripted cars during the Anschluss but they did
later when a lot of officers needed suitable transportation, higher rank → fancier car.
Some of the conscripted cars kept their paintwork for a while, most/all were
probably repainted sooner or later.

Don’t know what brand of car this is:

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Miniart 1/35 GERMAN STAFF CAR MB 170V. CABRIOLET B #35107 Sealed 4820041102398 | eBay
I’m sure they had this model at the time.

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Most likely. They also used that chassis with Kübelwagen bodywork.

Looks like shiny civvy paint on the rear of that police vehicle (Pol plates

Enthusiastic youth in Salzburg ride on a truck leading the troops.

The license plate says this truck is registered in the city area of Münich (Bavaria),
the lettering on the side of the van body also look like “Münche” and there is some
lettering and the number 3 on the door. I wonder if this could have been a truck
from the fire brigade, black fenders and dark green bodywork.


I have sateen a few Kubels on Mercedes 320 chassis, perhaps this what you mean. ICM do 320 saloon but will plenty of conversion work to make the same.

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MasterBox used to produce kit 35101

Maybe it can still be found somewhere …

Edit: They also had a few others:

Sprue Brothers has the Masterbox Kubel in stock.