Antenna arrangement P 38 H?

Can anyone confirm the wire antenna arrangement on the P 38 H ? I have both the new 1/48 Tamiya kits and am currently building the H model. The box art for the F/G model shows a “Y” configuration with a short strand exiting the rear of the canopy and then two long strands going to the vertical stabilizer on each boom . It also shows two strands leading forward from the right boom just behind the radiator outlet - one from the top of boom to the right wing just inboard of the aileron and one from the bottom of the boom to the center fuselage .
I have scoured the internet for images and it seems that antennas don’t show up well in photos.
Thanks in advance for any help .

Hi Richard,

I did a little looking, as this is one of my fave USAAF aircraft (behind the P-47 though). I found this from Andyg327 Tamiya 61120 1/48 P-38F/G Converted to a P-38H-5 - HyperScale Forums ( Who happened to have the Lockheed manual! Complete with the drawings from the manual.


I also found these, which are a bit difficult to see except for the last one, though I really can’t see the RH boom antenna in any of them. I do see what appears to be the insulator on the top of the boom in the first one, for what it’s worth.

Also, I know that ETO P-47’s didn’t have antenna wires due to the radio (UHF) used by the RAF, who set up the system. How that translates to P-38’s I have no idea. Hope this helps.


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I also got to play with the computer and the picture (a first for me!). I took the first pic from above and added some ovals to show the insulators for the “Y” antenna, and a circle for what I believe is the RH boom upper insulator, which would attach on the wing between the flaps and aileron.

John - Thanks so much - exactly what I needed .
My build is PTO - H model - New Guinea 1943
I enjoy making bases and I think they are a must for models that are rigged with antenna wires as the base provides a way to handle the model with less risk of damage to the antenna.
So now I am going to throw out another challenge .
Any idea of the soil color around airfields on New Guinea ? My base will have Marston mat hard stand but soil around the edges.
Thanks again for your help which required considerable effort on your part .
I’ve posted the P 38 on this sight as Tamiya P 38 work in progress if you are interested.
Cheers- Richard