Any 1/35 Trophy APS conversion/AM for M1 Abrams available?

Dear All!
Been looking around the web for a Trophy APS conversion/AM in 1/35 for M1 Abrams. There are several in 1/16. Not sure if the depicted version on the Abrams is the “decided version” so we can leave that discussion out. Regardsless, it would be fun to build.
Thanks in advance! (picture from Army Recognition)

I’m going to use a Blackdog Trophy APS set and scratch build a modification on an Academy M1A2 SEP V2. I’m sure that will spur somebody to come out with a conversion :slight_smile:


Scratch building is way out of my comfort zone :slight_smile: But since there are several 1/16 3d printed conversions on the market someone should (please please) come out with a 1/35 production soon :slight_smile:

If anyone decides to scratchbuild theses; hope the images above help out. :wink:

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I didn’t know that they already have a 1/16 3D printed version of Trophy APS. Can you please post a link for it? Maybe I’ll use the image as a reference to CAD a 1/35 version.

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James, one example that I found online. can’t vouch for the accuracy but it looks good :slight_smile:

Bringing life to this one, has anyone seen or heard of any any 1/35 conversions or AM-kit? :question: Thanks!

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