Any guesses on the new Takom kits?

saw it on : 【三花】神秘新品两则_静态模型爱好者--致力于打造最全的模型评测网站

I’m leaning towards a M113 C&R , but I am really bad at guessing …

M114 with two weapons options?

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Doubtful. At least from the silhouette. The cupola on the M114 was centered. This one appears to be offset to the left.

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The M113 C&R or M113½ (somebody was joking) is not the same as an M114
M113 C&R


I think the profiles look like an M113 C&R

Oh man… an injection moulded Lynx is on my list of dream kits. Takom if you’re reading this I’ll buy 6!

Hey @DennisatAutoloader, @Panzer_modeler

Blood sacrifices to the styrene gods are in order.


I’m fine with M113C&R or M114. Both are on my Wish List. The M113C&R had different crew seating for Dutch and Canadian versions. I hope they do both.

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I would go with that.

Yes, the shape of the offset cupola is reminiscent of the Swedish Pansarbandvagn 301 but is on the wrong side for that. and the vertical sides would be wrong. Not the right cupola for a 302 either.

PBV 302, dang close to vertical sides, agree with the conclusion though, sh*t out of luck for a PBV 302

The PBV 301 had sloping sides though, recycled chassis from tanks which were license built Czech tanks

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The track profile looks like with the one in the picture. What is the vehicle in the photo?

It is the M114



So I guess M114A1 with the .50 cal and the other variant is the one with the 20mm gun?

Edit: M114 TM link

Why you gotta go crushing my dreams like this Peter?

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M114 but why. I think Lynx would sell better. Maybe that’s next.

Here’s M114 at Camp Mabry in Austin, TX:

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I lit a new bundle of incense at my Tamiya shrine, bathed in Extra Thin Quick-Set, faced the Takom headquarters and did all the obligatory and supplicative prayers.

Now I’m going to do the ritual sacrifice with @Panzer_modeler as my “assistant”.

If it does turn out to be a lynx with a figure, I will buy 5.


It is not a Lynx.

The kits are M114 versions, as other here and elsewhere have demonstrated from the silhouettes.

I repeat, these kits are M114s.

That is a fact, not a guess.



Wow, nice news, even if I know for certain another company has had the M114 on the works for some months.


This is de Dutch version of de M113 C&V The only version with a tower for a 25 mm gun.

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Exactly, that’s what is it!!! The silhouette is the M114A1/A2 one!

25 years ago I had build the Accurate Armour M114A2 kit! And I can remember the M114 A1 and M114A2 in use with 2nd-14th CAV, in Bad Kissingen, Daley Barracks. In late 1972, 14th ACR was reflagged as the 11th ACR and the M114A2 were faced out, replaced bei M113.
Bring’s back a lot of good memories!

Starting 1971 was assigned to Panzerbataillon 354 at Hammelburg. The U.S. Army Partnership Battalion, 3rd 64th Armor, used the M114A2 til end of 1975. When the got M113 and M113TOW launcher!

And I can remember quite clear, that 2nd-30th Infantry used the M114A2 till 1977!

BTW - I have all the -10 TMs for the M114 digital. If anyone is interested give me a holler!

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