Any Reviews on Mengs 1/35 Panther AUSF G with Air Defense Armor

Was wondering if it’s the best Panther G out there??? Thanks

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There is no best Panther G kit out there,it depends on what your looking for in a kit.Is it price,accuracy,buildability, extras in the box, are all factors,what’s important to you may not be important to someone else.

I Googled that kit, couldn’t find anything yet,Scalemates does say rhat it’s a reboot.

I think that Dragons Panther with air defense armor is the best,I have built several Dragon Panther and Jagspanther versions and enjoyed them all.

My only experience with Meng has been three of their modern armor series and the T-90 was superb the M1 and Merkava were okay.

Best for what you want out of a kit? I couldn’t say.

Meng’s Panthers are sublime in my view. I like Meng but they are a bit hit and miss - they are a bit like “when they are bad they are bad but when they are good they are absolutely brilliant.”

Well I’ve just built the Ausf A late and it was the best kit I’ve ever built, bar none. Fit was superlative, instructions bang on the money with no mistakes, really nice extra goodies, excellent PE, and part count in the nice area between Tamiya and Dragon but sensible in terms of moldings. Accuracy was excellent and it just sits beautifully if you know what I mean. I loved every minute of it, star to finish. Superb. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

So good in fact I went out and bought their ausf D and the G you are referring to, for less than EUR22 from a great seller in China on Ebay, EUR35 shipped to my door and super quick shipping. Really amazing price considering they are EUR50+ here from the shops etc.

I believe the Ausf G with the extra top armour is a later release but looking through the kit parts they seem to be almost the same as the A late I built, but with the various ausf G mods and extra armour. No reason to expect the later G to be anything less than absolutely wonderful. I’d heartily recommend it.

Built the D and liked it.
Not sure what “the best kit” really means as everyone has different categories.
It’s hard to beat any of Dragons Panthers if you can find them.

Cant comment on MENG, but I just built the Dragon Late Panther G Smart kit 6268. Brilliant. So nice, I just ordered another one. You can easily get away with no extra PE as its so nicely detailed and comes with deck grills, one piece barrel, and a few different vehicle configurations.