Any Seamen in 1/35?*

I was over at hobbyeasy, looking at the Goalkeeper CIWS, and wondering whether there’d be any modern US sailor figures, or other nations that use this, available in 1/35. There are a few naval kits out now, US and Russian, needing crew. Liveresin maybe?

*Lame attempt at humour in the title.

Sorry I dont have the answer to your question… but the title alone made me spit out my drink and fall onto the floor laughing… :rofl:


I know where to find 1/1 seamen, but not in 1/35, got to be some out there though.

Reedoak has released several US Navy aircraft carrier crew deck figures in 1/35th scale :!/1-35/c/13281305/offset=40


Not a Navy guy, but I thnk the US Navy uses standard BDU type uniforms on the ships. all you have to do is paint the USN digital blue pattern.
Various Sailors working on CWIS.


Navy Working Uniform.
That green pattern reminds me of the AVATAR movie Marines.

Thanks, gents; glad I brought a bit of cheer to some of you… The kit itself is relatively cheap, I thought, and would make for an interesting dio, you know you always wants to do that aircraft carrier in 1/35!!

It all depend how big your house/garden is. Nimitz Class carrier will be approx. 9,5 meters in length. But I would rather go to 1/32 scale. Not enough plane models in 1/35 scale. :grinning:

Just read the first post precisely. I don`t think that US Navy uses Goalkeeper, you would better use the Vulcan/Phalanx CIWS system.

Italeri used to do Russian sailors in 1/35 called special forces

I suspect that for working dress, any figures in overalls would be a decent starting point.

For some reason, most navies appear to have decided that there isn’t much value in sailors, most of whom are inside the ship when in combat, wearing camouflage clothing. It presumably makes it a bit harder to see anyone in the water too.