Any tips on printing decals with a Color Laser Printer?

Just got a new HP M255DW Laser because my inkjet just died. I also print on my Alps 100 printer but the ink is incredibly expensive. I only use it when I need white. I have laser decal paper and am wondering about any useful tips. Thanks

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You got the Laser paper, so all good.
I’ve used clear and solid white decal paper, with no issues, other than my clumsiness, the ones I used were a little thick.
I did clear coat, as the checkerboard markings were going on a jeep & tilt.
You will need to be gentle with decal setting solutions.
I use white for most marking decals as they tend to go translucent if you use clear paper over OD.
Please note the white will give you a white edge to your decals, so bear that in mind.

I’m working on a P-51 project where I need white lettering on an OD field.

Any suggestions???


I would suggest printing with white decal paper and the leaving the "white lettering " you need blank and print the OD. If you need just white lettering there are tons of different types if you look in railroad model decals.

Appreciate the suggestion, the lettering is white, so I’ll look at RR decals. The font size turns out to be 11 Font in Amarillo USAF for a 1/48 Eduard P-51D with a Cavalear conversion.

Another P-51D project is lettering in Yellow, so I might be able to print that myself.