Any word on Lots of Models?

A few weeks ago I noticed that the stock on the Lots of Models website and in their eBay store disappeared. Tried to reach them but nothing. Now, today, their website is gone. Anyone know what’s up?

They were one of the handful of shops I’d regularly buy from.


The last Facebook post was October of last year. No recent posts stating any issues. A few customer posts asking what happened to the ebay listings and if they are ever going to restock but noone replied to them. Does not look good.

I found an email:
And number: 636-673-2565

If anyone wants to try those.

Other chatter says they have closed down.

Not looking good.

I’d tried calling and emailing a couple weeks back but no response. I guess this explains it.

I don’t have a Facebook account and therefore can’t see that part of the discussion in the ARC thread. Is it more or less the same info?

There were a couple things I had in my cart that I was planning to pick up from them….oh well….he who hesitates….

There is no discussion really, I don’t have Facebook either but it supposedly shows his house blockaded. So that is not a great look.