Anybody knows about radar fuzes for artillery rounds?

This questions goes to the artillery guys. Soviet Union developed a system called SPR-1. In German it is called Funkmesszünder Störstation or radar fuze jammer. I wonder if radar receiver was ever used for artillery or bomb fuzes?

Oh yea, all over the place. Developed in WWII, known as VT (variable time) fuzes. All very Top Secret at the time. Also known as proximity fuzes. A quick search using either term will get you tons of information and photos. Here is a wikipedia article: Proximity fuze - Wikipedia

And a generic image:


Thanks Ken. Maybe the German term Funkmesszünder Störstation is misleading.
Anyway this is the Funkmesszünder-Störstation SPR-1 on GT-MU carrier.

Radar has been used in fuses since WW II
and it would be reasonable that someone
developed jammers to prevent the fuses from
going off.
In WW II they were used in 5 inch AA guns on US ships
but not near the shore where an undetonated grenade could
be found by the enemy.

Greater covered area in the AA role.
Better distribution of fragments in the ground-to-ground role, artillery with this type of fuses has twice the effect against unprotected troops compared to impact detonation.

Most of these fuzes have an impact back up firing system, so they will still work as regular artillery shells when they hit something, like an airplane, a ship, or the ground.

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VT fuzes are also timed. set to arm a second or 2 before reaching it’s target.