Anybody order anything from Miniman Factory lately?

Has anybody ordered anything from Miniman Factory lately? I’ve tried to order something from their website twice now in the last week with no luck.

The site recognizes me as a ‘repeat’ customer and has my data. When I place the order it seems to take it and tells me that I will get a confirmation email and at that point the transaction can be completed. And up to this point no payment information is selected.

I receive no emails, and when I attempt to use the contact us feature on the site, and submit a query I get no response.

Additionally, I copied the email address for the company into my email client and send a separate message to them from there. I have also gotten no response in well over a week, to two such emails. And there doesn’t appear to be a failure to deliver, because if I send to a bad address, the email will bounce back in a few minutes as undeliverable.

Does anybody have any clue as to what’s going on?

Mystery solved! Gabor has been out of the office for some time and there wasn’t an automated “out of office” reply set up for the website.

He’s contacted me and will hopefully be able to fill the order.