Anybody order anything from Miniman Factory lately?

Has anybody ordered anything from Miniman Factory lately? I’ve tried to order something from their website twice now in the last week with no luck.

The site recognizes me as a ‘repeat’ customer and has my data. When I place the order it seems to take it and tells me that I will get a confirmation email and at that point the transaction can be completed. And up to this point no payment information is selected.

I receive no emails, and when I attempt to use the contact us feature on the site, and submit a query I get no response.

Additionally, I copied the email address for the company into my email client and send a separate message to them from there. I have also gotten no response in well over a week, to two such emails. And there doesn’t appear to be a failure to deliver, because if I send to a bad address, the email will bounce back in a few minutes as undeliverable.

Does anybody have any clue as to what’s going on?

Mystery solved! Gabor has been out of the office for some time and there wasn’t an automated “out of office” reply set up for the website.

He’s contacted me and will hopefully be able to fill the order.

Sounds like youve had dealings with MF. What’s your view on them, if you dont mind sharing?

Im looking at the M916 and M917, but any comments are welcome.

That’s an excellent question and I wish I had a good answer for you. Two years ago, after a brief delay during which he was not responding to queries on his website, I was able to get in touch with him and order a trailer which was an excellent product. And at one point I had some issues with some of the parts and he handled that just fine.

However, just now when I tried to log on to his website, I got some sort of web page generator (or something) which is all in Hungarian, which I don’t read or speak, and there is no obvious way to either search for his particular web site or get an English translation.

At this point from MY perspective it appears that in the two years since my last post that perhaps he may have gone out of business,

Can anyone else on the site add anything???

Hosting server move ? :roll_eyes:


Once again an outstanding and helpful post. I’ve managed to access his facebook page, but no luck figuring out how to get onto his webpage.

But as to the question originally asked, I have always been very happy with the quality of the products that they produce.

Hi Tom, an excellent response to my question.

I noticed his site was down and he’s using FB at present, a service I tend to avoid.

I have been in contact with him on his direct email this week and have discussed buying the M816 tractor and M817 dump from him. I was a little curious when he said “Yes, the kits will be produced for you if you wish”. It may be my suspicious nature, or could be just a translation issue but I sort of expected - if business was running normally, to be told “yes, theyre in stock” or similar.

Also, he asked for the payment, (of $430 odd Canadian) to be sent to what looks like a non-company email address and marked as “a gift”.

I’m reassured by your comments on quality but I wonder if I should hold off until things become clearer?

I have ordered from him in the past and have had to wait until things were produced. My experience was that it took some time but the quality was very good. I have had some product from him where it was obvious that the molds were near the end of their life but that was an exception when he was running a massive sale and was producing and delivering ASAP.

That’s reassuring news. Thanks, I’ll go ahead and order.

Thanks for your input.

I placed an order from Miniman Factory on November 1, 2021. After many emails and requesting a refund from Paypal I finally received the kit on April 3, 2022. If you mark the payment as a gift, Paypal will not get involved for non-delivery of the merchandise.

For small companies, usually having kits in stock is costly, specially for these big ones so they prefer to produce them as required. It takes longer to ship, though.
Marking a paypal transfer as gift is done for saving their commission, at the cost of loosing protection for the buyer. I do not see it as a sign of possible issues.

Hello Varanusk

Are you saying it’s acceptable to give up your buyer’s protection from PP when ordering a model?

Maybe I misunderstood your comment.

Yea, I have done that before. You have to really trust the seller, because you can be screwed over!

It may be acceptable or not, that is up to you. But as Ken said above, if you trust the seller there is nothing wrong with that.

ive been trying to get ahold of him ecause i need isntructions and PE for my ss-23 spider kit i got off of them, good to know

Used it to contact him last week.

my thanks!