Anybody up for a Lindberg T-55 48 hour campaign?

Would there be anybody interested in doing this? As @Armor_Buff said on my Merkava 48 hour build, it could last over a couple weeks and the model must be completed in 48 hours of bench time.

Proposed rules: You have to build the Lindberg 1/35 T-55 OOB or fully decked out in aftermarket
You have to finish in less than 48 hours

Proposed start date: March 1 2021
Proposed end date: March 31 2021

Any takers?
(Just think, this this is your chance to get this amazing kit for 40% off at Hobby lobby… :wink:)

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I wouldn’t waste 5 minutes on that piece of crap kit.

I also don’t see the point in rushing through a build to finish it. I build relatively quickly, but find the time building to be relaxing and it is supposed to take a while.


Sure I’ll slam a Lindy T-55 together for this…it won’t be pretty


Sorry Ezra, but that’s just like dating fat chicks; life’s too short.


Fair enough guys! :joy:
I agree about taking your time to finish a model, but thought it might be fun to see the results of such a horrible kit smashed together so quick.

I have this kit so I might just post the progress pic whenever I get around to building it.

Sounds like the Lindy T-55 thing should wait until everyone is really really bored and ready for sillyness.

Yah sounds like it! :laughing:

I’ve just recently sold my Lind T-55, otherwise… maybe

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The acceptance of imperfection ? That suits the Lindberg T-55 perfectly. Here’s one I did back in the day.

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Does it come with the turret textured like that, or did you add it.

The way overdone texture was done with a badly worn out dental burr, the only thing I could get my hands on at the time.

…runs away screaming…


I totally understand the feeling now… I picked this kit up for $10 today, took one look at it and simply threw it in the trash. Note that Im very optimistic and will build almost any kit… I suppose I found my limit. :grimacing:



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LOL too funny! The fate the Lindy T-55 deserves.

Lindy’s T-55 is that original Star Trek episode - “Is There in Truth No Beauty” as a model kit…look in the box without a visor one could go mad.

Two modelers debate opening a Lindy T-55 at an IPMS meeting…



If I actually owned the Lindberg kit I would, but I am not going to go buy one, I already have several other kits of the T-55 to build.

At first glance I thought this was a campaign to build Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis” in 48hrs. Now that would be pretty cool.

Better yet, do it in 33hrs and 30 minutes.

Perfect time limit for a Lindy T-55 build.