Anybody Use Rub n Buff

Does anybody use Rub n Buff on roadwheel edges, I’m thinking about putting some on a paper towel and rolling the wheel thru it,or rubbing it on with a q-tip or small brush,any thoughts or suggestions

Here is how I use it. I use an acrylic clearcoat, Tamiya or MM. Try to use rub n buff that’s not too old. As it gets old it kind of dries out and you will have lots of tiny tiny silver flakes on everything. I apply with a Q-tip and buff to desired brightness. Any excess can be cleaned up with a Q-tip moistened with odorless thinner. Good luck.

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Sounds good,it’s brand new just got some.


Paint Basecoat
Seal with acrylic clear,flat or gloss Matter ??
Then seal the Rub n Buff


After applying and buffing I usually do not seal the Rub n Buff. It’s generally one of the last things I do when completing the weathering of the lower hull and running gear.

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I discovered long ago that Rub n Buff could be thinned with enamel thinners and applied with a brush, and it still buffed out well.


I usually use SNJ Polishing Powder, lead pencil pigment, or C1 Metalizer (excellent). You of course have to be careful to not get it anywhere you don’t want it… R & B will probably work fine. They all produce the same type of finish but with subtle differences that you see when testing. Of course a high gloss black under surface is best but that C1 is magic imho.

Thanks, I got the Rub n Buff,so I’ll be trying that out instead.

I’ve been quite pleased using both silver & gold on exhausts. Apply with a small tipped Q-Tip. I then would gently roll the Q-Tip to get the desired affect.

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Darn, just knew I’d have an interesting comment to add on this topic but it seems my 34 year old jar of Rub n Buff is has finally turned into a solid little silver brick. Beyond redemption as even as it clumped into little shaved balls with turpentine & mineral spirits.