Anyone have experience using SMS lacquer paints?

I wondering if anyone out there has used the SMS (Scale Modelers Supply) paints? This paint is out of Australia.

I’m interested to know if there someone who has had experience airbrushing them.

Rob they airbrush beautifully straight out of the bottle, but you can thin them more if you want to. They are true lacquer paint so do have a bit of a Lacquer Oder.


Hey, thanks Mike. After spraying them do they have a gloss or satin finish?

For our friends in the USA, a fresh restock is headed to our US Distributors soon! This shipment includes every colour we have in our range, including the Rust Colour Sets and the extremely popular Blaster Brown colour that were all released in recent months.

Expect this one to arrive closer to Christmas and if you are a store owner in the US and are interested in stocking our range, get in contact with the team at and they will be more than happy to assist.

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I have used them several times now and find that they spray beautifully straight from the bottle. Even though the label says flat, they tend to dry to smooth semi-gloss finish. Also, make sure your primer/undercoat is fully cured as being lacquer it can cause crazing of the undercoat. Same problem over bare plastic.
Hope this helps, cheers, Dave.

You can thin them up to about 25% with lacquer thinner, I use MLT. Best to build it up with multiple light coats to get the opacity you want, don’t go for wet coats. Air pressure 12-15 psi and stay close, 2-3 inches from the surface.

Cheers, D