Anyone know of any 1/35th artillery shell decal markings?

I had two sheets from Archer. They no longer carry them in their list. Contacted them and , No, we no longer have them. So, anyone have a line on any sheets for this???

Check with the on-line hobby shops. Some still have inventory of the discontinued Archer products. The AFV Club ammo kits come with decals.


Appreciate the info!!!

You didn’t specify what kind of artillery shell. If it’s any help, Bronco’s 17lb ammo set comes with decals for both ammunition as well as the crates.

Appreciate it! Turns out Dragon Hobby had the sheet. Its for 155 & 206 rounds, but, I will use the stenciling for 105mm rounds on a M-7. The rounds in the racks will be next to difficult to read but the yellow stenciling will be visable enough to add a little to the rounds. I have never found any good 105 stenciling…

remember this: all projectiles carry a lot number and a date of manufacture on them. If your doing WWII stuff then you’ll need dates from that era. on the otherhand, I shot projos made in 1944 back in early 1968. By the first of May we were well into current manufactured rounds. So with WWII your looking at current manufacture. Don’t forget those little squares on the ogive of the round. They designate weight variation. If you have palleted ammo; all the rounds will be the same lot number, but those squares may vary by one or even two. !05 rounds would come in a wooden crate, and both rounds will be of the same lot number. Yet you might have a dozen crates and five different lot numbers between them. Few folks looking at them will ever know the difference. Lastly; if I remember correctly, the crate will also have the lot number if you have the crates laying around. In WWII you see a lot of fiber tubes, but the are not shipped long distance like that. Been a couple life times since I shot a 105, but the round hasn’t changed much.

Appreciate the info! All the rounds will be in the ready boxes on the sides of the M-7. They will be turned in directions that it can be seen that some are marked so, all must be marked. The detail isn’t as important as the thought that they are marked. Don’t have any background as a Redleg. Was around guns on fire bases for two years in the "Nam but I was a Combat Engineer. So didn’t really pay that much attention to them until a fire mission in the middle of the night then they sucked!! In the field, loved 'em when we needed them…