Anyone know what this gun is/belongs to?

Last weekend I visited the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson and spotted this gun in the display but with no name/label. Only thing I do know is it’s 155mm.

Oh as a bonus here’s a big mortar and yes they are the shells!


It’s from an M110A2. The muzzle brake and breech are a give-away.

M110A2 Howitzer - Photos & Video - NET-MAQUETTES


Was just about to say that! :slight_smile:

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Agree, it is an m110A2 8" barrel.

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And it’s definitely NOT a 155mm; it’s 203mm /8"


Only going by what I was told by a museum employee, he said that it is 155mm but other than that couldn’t tell me anything else about it. That’s why I was asking as I was intrigued.
However thanks for everyone’s input I now know what it is.

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Holy Hell!, in regards to that mortar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Doesn’t look like a 203 to me looks more like a 155 out of the old soltam 155mm

The stamping on the breech ring is 19206-11578348 (third picture). This is the part number, 19206 indicating the design agency (Watervliet Arsenal, NY) and 11578348 the drawing number. If you had looked below the breech block you would’ve seen something like this:

Note that the drawing number for the assembly is 11578719, so it’s a good bet that 11578348 is in the group of drawings for the M201A1 cannon assembly, perhaps a leftover from the M201.

I searched for the part number, figuring I might find a government part catalog reference, but it turned out I got even luckier:



Thank you Kurt.

The barrel most likely came off a decommissioned British Army M110A2; they pulled these old guns out of retirement and used them during Op Granby (Desert Storm for us in the US of A.), along with M109A2 Howitzers.