Anyone ordered from MMK from Czech Repulic?

The title says it, I need to know if their products are good or bad and hows their service?

I suppose it depends what you want; if their product is the only game in town then you’ve almost answered your own question!

Their Supacat (ATMP) is a little gem but I bought that at a show; I cannot say regarding their service but I’ve bought from other Czech vendors with no problem (into the UK).

Yeah, i had a couple of their figures last year. Very nice. No issues on service, was impressed with the quality.

Hi Brian,
good to hear. Unfortunatly, there is no retailer here in Germany. I have serveral subjects on the list, I think I will give it a try and order directly. Could not be worse than ordering from Ukraine. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have bought most of my MMK kits via PanzerShop.
No problems.

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Gretchen Frage: Should I buy Trumpeter 9P113 Luna-M kit first? I already ordered WWP book on the system? Or better both kits/conversion? For the Trumpeter kit I will need the replacement rocket from SP Design.

Yes I have ordered several kits on MMK MODELS website.

  1. LMV (F3025)
  2. Panther CLV (F3034)
  3. Tatra 815 SOT (35035)
  4. Toyota Hilux (F3031)

Numbers 1 and 2 are finished
Number 3 is almost finished
Number 4 is in the stash.

Good quality, without warped parts or air bubbles but difficult.
Instructions not always clear.
Very good service.

I ordered two each of RZ 35045 and RZ 35053, and one of RZ 35054.
Great quality with both. The collapsible drums were far better than Verlinden’s old shyte, and came with dry transfers as well. They even sent me extra transfers as I had cast dozens of the Verlinden ones, albeit in collapsed configuration since I can hollow cast them.
The shipping to the US took only four days and was very reasonable! I think I posted about it back then.

I don’t quite understand; is there an MMK version of the Luna you wish to obtain?

I don´t look for Luna-M, but their BTR-152E conversion.

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Jawas and a Hilux? That’s not 3D printed? Time to place a new order!

I have ordered from MMK recently and was very happy about how the company (Milan is the owner’s name) handled my order.

The Hilux doesn’t seem very difficult.

The kit has a one piece cab. Doors are not provided separately, so a bit of surgery is needed if you want to remove one of them.

My updated cab:

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I just placed an order for Milan´s BTR-152E conversion. Let´s see how long it will take.:slight_smile:
When I order the BTR-152 base kit, I will also order turned barrels for the KPV guns. I don´t like the prospect of making conical muzzle brakes and barrel shrouds from PE:

I definitely want one, I wish th door panel was more crisply defined.

There are 2 recessed lines on front doors. Only one made on the kit.

1 recessed line on each fender, not present on the kit.
I think it is difficult to add this because there isn’t enough space for that because of the shape of fenders which is not really accurate.