Anyone tried HobbyTrax track jigs

Hello to all.
Has anyone tried the track jigs made by HobbyTrax?
I found these on Reg Frog Hobbies site. They sound pretty good. . .
Thanks in advance for any info.
John S.

Can’t say that I have the need for something like that,I just use a couple of straight edges in assembling my plastic indies or Fruils

I have a bunch of them and like them. You could do a general set and not vehicle specific but if you plan a bunch of one type then it makes more sense.
You can also buy direct.

Yes. A couple of straight edges versus several of those tools to cover multiple vehicle types. For myself there is no value in these. I just did 12 Pz III kits spanning from Ausf B to Ausf N, which would require at least two of the tools (at the price of a kit each) but they only cover E-N. They don’t make a set for the first four series of Pz IIIs.

I’ve had a generic adjustable Hobby Traxx for many years here’s my opinion.

A) Before developing arthritis and carpal tunnel issues, building individual link tracks with a metal straight was faster and easier than using the tool. I’ve dozens of sets of individual link tracks with a metal straight edge. It was easy enough to do entire track run in one session.

B) After carpal tunnel surgery the generic adjustable Hobby Traxx proved VERY USEFUL for lining up individual plastic track links & Friulmodellismo track links for inserting the wire. It’s easy enough to do entire track run in one session.

At first it wasn’t necessary or all that useful. Over time it became a very useful tool. Working with small Friulmodellismo track links like a Panzer II it has been invaluable.

Hobby Traxx- Recommended if your over 40 or have any sort of manual dexterity issues or working with very small track links.


I can check all three of those boxes, though.

Thanks Guys. Wade I can understand - I’m 74 and some of these small pieces do become more of an issue. I ordered the Panther jig to (hopefully) get the proper “sag”. Ordered thru RedFrog Hobbys
a month ago and have heard nothing. Maybe I should have gone direct. . .

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