Aoshima 1/45 DD51 Japanese Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive

Aoshima 1/45 DD51 Japanese Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive.
In service 1962-1978. 3000 Parts with PE.
Detailed duplicate systems including dual engines,transmissions, and engineer stations. Added brass handles and railings. Removable body panels. Tamiya TS44 Brilliant Blue. Added 12 LED lights for cabin and exterior. Sprung bogies with turned aluminum wheels. Added Start-up and running engine sound card. Weighted wired switch power base with Neo magnets. 16 month build. Asian market kit with Japanese text instructions. Outstanding kit with surgical tolerances and precision engineering. Occasionally the patience necessary was on Back Order:)


3000 parts!? The thing doesn’t even have tracks…
Seriously, this is an absolute gem. Well done, Sir!

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That is a stunning build :heart_eyes:


Clearance, I don’t know what to say other than an extraordinary build of an extraordinary model! A Beauty. Aoshima put out a stunning kit.

Do you have more railroad kits to show us?

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I appreciate your support. One of those builds that I never thought would leave the bench?..It was like four kits in one. Not to appear falsely humble but I think it was at the edge of some of my skills.
But pushing past is how we improve of course. Tightest fit tolerances
I’ve even encountered which will bite you if you don’t pay attention. There’s a lot of #11 anxious blade scraping on edges that hopefully isn’t visible? Mostly to get the body sections to be uniform. Using decanted Tamiya rattle can almost killed this build. It was going to be Italian Red, but I’ll spare both of us the story:) I posted another steam loco. Guess I need to consider a 1/35 German WW2 Loco next? I also have some rail guns which I like to build to be posted soon. Leopold & Dora

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Hi Clarence, please pardon the tardy reply.

No scrapes on edges are visible - great work.

I have yet to try to decant paint for the airbrush. Lately, getting paint from bottles into a/b is difficult for me. But that excellent finish - I suspected you used a lacquer.

Yes, try a German loco. There are several that I want to try. If I ever catch my modeling breath. I intend to build the old AHM BR80.

Please - show us Leopold & Dora. That would be a great addition to the site.

Please; what is device in center of cab? Could it be a steam boiler for generating heat when pulling passenger equipment???