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R2 Miniatures released several crew and upgrade sets aimed at 1/35 scale Apache helicopter. Check them out!

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Damn, I didn’t want an Apache before, but looking at those figures, the set up, detail, is just gorgeous. I may have to look at getting one, now.and who is R2? I’m not familiar with them.

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Greatlooking stuff, would love to get some or all, but where can one buy this? Doesn’t ship to the Netherlands from eBay…


They’re not cheap and HobbyEasy had more R2 Miniature figures from the past, but they’re no longer listed so I guess they’re sold out. These AH-64 Apache figures just arrived.






I didn’t think these were too expensive for the quality, that last pair loading the Hellfire is on preorder at hobbyeasy, delivery next month, for 45$US with change.

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Two 1/24 figures cost around $66 USD…a female reporter and a male with a TV camera. I wanted to bite, but I thought that was kind of expensive for the size. They’re not listed anymore.

More photos and kit options on HobbyEasy…shows kit photos for Hellfires and 2.75-inch rocket pods.






Thank you Pete. But all these images are already provided in the news story.


Thank you Pete. But all these images are already provided in the news story.

I know, I replied without clicking your news story all through this thread. Sounds silly, but true as I clicked only the figures on HobbyEasy and not the Apache weapons. I just looked at your news thread just now and saw that you reported all of this already. :upside_down_face:

Sloppy web surfing, but it happens…reading the replies and not clicking the news topic as I surf around on multiple websites. :upside_down_face:

I second that!

Wow! I really wish I could take credit for this, but I can’t. I sent Legend Productions an email on January 13 of last year talking about exactly what’s shown. My main interest was the Hydra pallet. Ultimately I don’t care who produces it - the main thing is this is one of the last items I’ve needed for a project over the past tren years. A better Apache being the second to the last.

Crikey. These figures are just absolutely jawdropping.

I wasn’t going to build a 1/35 Apache but honestly, these might have changed my mind.

goes off to Google how much the Meng Apache kit is…

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