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OK brains trust. I’m about to order a MENG Abrams to build as an Australian variant. (Kit #TS035). While I’m at it I want to order a APC M113AS4. Or M113AS3. Australia used them in Vietnam and I want to build one to represent those used in the battle of Long Tan.

Can someone point me to a ‘good’ kit of the APC?



Thank I found one. AFV have the very kit I’m after. And it’s available!!


The M113AS4 is the upgraded version in current use Bruce - the extended 6 wheel version. They were used in the Movie Danger Close, but the AS4 is way out of period.

In Nam Australia used the M113A1. At the Time of Long Tan, they were only fairly basic upgrades on them. Here is a link to The Mouse House conversion review - good luck finding that Mouse House has closed down!

Not all the vehicles had a gun shield. One digger commanding a M113A1 was killed and his vehicle had no shield.

Here is something that may interest you:

If you want, I’ll see what I have in the 'Archive"

Thanks petbat.
I looked at a lot of sites and there was little info on what APC’s were at Long Tan. I took a punt on the above variants. I found the AFV Club kit # AF35291 in stock at BNA. Your info confirms the variant. Seems that kit has much of what Mouse House offered unless I’m missing something.

I like the Long Tan story. It would be nice to have a memento for the guys that where there.

So Santas sack should contain an Australian Abrams and APC this year. :grinning:


The Australian War Memorial website has some M113A1 pics that may interest you…




The one below appears to be a M125A1 81mm mortar carrier :








AFAIK no T50 turret-fitted M113A1’s were used at Long Tan (they were fielded later), but it looks like there was at least one Model 74C turret-fitted one there… *


This turret had been released by Verlinden many moons ago, along with a T50…

  • I 'll check out this book when I’m back home from work :wink:


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Done !

In fact the first Model 74 C turret was fitted in September, 1966…


AF35291 has the T50 turret and as H-P says, and yes this was added much later than Long Tan, however, I think the AFV Club kit still has the parts from their previous ACAV kit too. These parts include the standard ring cupola with .50 cal mount, but no shield so yes you can use it.

Some info for you:

This is one of the vehicles with no shield just after the engagement:

Cpl Rex Warren RAAC on the 50cal MG on one of the tracks at Long Tan

Another close up pic of the original M113 layout on a 3 Cav vehicle:

How the vehicles in ‘Danger Close’ were made up for the movie:


Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
Would there be a record anywhere, public, that would tell me which vehicles were at Long Tan? I’ve never been a rivet counter but the Long Tan story deserves an effort from me to do the best I can. So if I could build a specific vehicle that would be great.

FWIW I was in the second to last call up. Before I packed my bags I got a card deferring my call up. (I had actually already transferred to the RAAF). So even though I never served I still feel I have a connection to the guys, and gals, who went to Vietnam. I’m ashamed every time I think of those same poor guys being spat on when they returned home.


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Check out this article :wink:


Hey Bruce @BGT, try this link -


. . . there’s not a lot of info on the APC specifically but a bit of their history, also remember Aussie M113’s had a cooling unit on the crew cabin hatch, a variation not found on US M113’s., their early APC’s also used the “Okinawa” gunner protection kit prior to the T150 turret. BTW I have a T150 turret from Verlinden’s M706 that I’d be happy to mail to you if you choose to go that route.

Cajun :crocodile:

…and how long it took for some proper recognition be given to their service - although they never truly got a level of respect they deserve.

Got pics ? I’ve never heard of that…


I am not aware that Australia acquired any Okinawa kits for their vehicles. If you have any pics, they would be great to see. The Okinawa type are the early type of armour protection and relatively rare in pics for even US service. They were replaced by the curved type more commonly seen in ‘ACAV’ pics.

As far as I know, Australia never used them, Australia used the basic ‘Elephant Ears’ shield they manufactured themselves (with variations in size and angle pitch, etc) :


Contemporary pic:

before trialling the T74c turret…

and finally, fitting the T50’s.

Note the second vehicle with shield

Note here, the different basket type Jerry can holders and no shield:

Peter @petbat you’re right, I jumped the gun calling their early version as the Okinawa kit, I was reciteing from memory of the gun shield and the turret armor that might actually be an adaptation of early ARVN APC’s, anyway still searching for pics but might wait til I can use my office pc (this smart phone is slow). Thanks @Frenchy for catching this slip. :+1:

Cajon :crocodile:

Thanks brains trust. Who needs Google when you guys have the answers.

I’m looking forward to Santa dropping my kit off. I hope he is double vaccinated and can get into Queensland!!


On a side note, they fitted some field made armor plates to the gun mount used for the M134 Minigun trials in 1967 :

H.P. (waiting for his third injection due next month… :wink: )

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FWIW I found this series on YouTube. I think they guy is Vietnamese. I’ve only skipped through and had a quick look. You need to read subtitles.



No offence to the guy Bruce, but it made me cringe skimming this series. The way he had the kit upside down and was scraping it back and forth on the desk while he tried to fit the tracks :scream:… and those roller coaster tracks just look horrible.

I also note he did not do any weathering on the road wheels or idler facing the hull and they are very visible aspects when it is sitting flat.

But of course, as long as he is happy with it, that is all that matters.

Petbat I haven’t watched it all yet. I was however intrigues with someone in Vietnam building such a model.
Just one more reference point.


I used the academy kit with Callsign models 1966 conversion,
Turned out like this.



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