Apollo Lunar Module

This is my first venture into spacecraft. 1/48 RoG Apollo LM kit, which is the Dragon release. The moonscape is a desert diorama made from plaster, just sprayed “moongrey”

It only lacks a figure of Mr. Armstrong.


I like it. Well done.


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Thanks Jim.

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Maybe I shall title it:“One small step for man…Damn the door is jammed!”


It looks awesome!

As for the title, that would be hilarious if you named it that. :joy:

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Looking pretty good for your 1st Real Space build. :wink:

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Thanks! It was a hell of a masking job. Wasted ca. 1 km of yellow tape. :grin:

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I had the idea after visiting the Hermann-Oberth-Museum in Feucht near Nuremberg.


FIY all the rocket models are in 1/48 scale. That SLS is really gigantic.


Dude, look at all those rockets and rovers. Better buy a boat load of yellow tape fast cause 1 km ain’t gonna be enough…:rofl:

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Impressive work. Had no idea the Revell kit was a rebox of the Dragon. Always assumed it was the old kit from way back.

And that museum has an amazing collection! I do like the addition of fictional craft like HG Wells ‘First Men in the Moon’ Cavor Sphere.

Museum Homepage for those who are in the vicinity.