Apologies if you had Dark theme selected

Ok, just strange it keeps switching for me. I will keep reporting when it does change.

So to be clear it switches in the settings and you have to change it back… or it just momentarily shows up as white and then goes back to dark on it’s own?

I have to manual change the setting back after I recall how to do that. If it was a simple refresh issue I won’t have bothered to report it.

Well either is still annoying. Yeah let me see if anyone else seeing this reports something similar because that will give me more to report to the devs.

I had to change mine back to dark again. Just now after seeing this thread bumped up.

Eh…my eyes.

As this is happening like clock-work every 7 days for you (no one else has said anything about this to me) I have to think this is something browser related. Like a session variable that is being deleted, etc. Do you have any routines that dump all your saved settings in your browser every 7 days?

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Not that I know of on my phone. :man_shrugging:

Was this also on your phone?


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