Applying AK paint on revell paint?

Hello, I ask because I need to change the metal paint on my concorde, the one doesn’t look so good when it’s airbrushed (tho work fine with normal brush) and I already applyed layers using the revell paint.
Thanks for your answers!

You can do it, but it kind of boils down to whether or not the paint on there looks decent. I mean, if the first paint finish came out pebbly or otherwise imperfect, it might be better to strip it and start over. If you think you can put on another layer without obscuring detail with more paint or without exaggerating any blemishes of the first layer.

If you brush-painted, I would strip it myself to avoid any issues.

I used airbrush, I’m not sure I’d be able to strip the paint on this one, I don’t want to crack the wings putty again and it’s huge too.