Approaching to the City, Kharkov 1943 | Armorama™

Ayhan Toplu built a diorama of Third Battle of Kharkov, 1st SS Panzer Division, February 1943. Models used ; Border Model - BT-001 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G Mid/Late and Evolution Miniatures - 35193 German Tankmen and Panzergrenadier, 35202 German Officer Kharkov 1943, 35203 German Soldier Kharkov 1943, 35204 German MG Team Kharkov 1943

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I think Schurzen were first time issued to Panzer IV in march 1943… and this one is in februar.

And the division was that time Panzergrenadier Division, reaching Panzer Division status only in october 1943.

Nicely done diorama. Good painting all the way around, vehicle, figures and groundwork.


Beautiful work. The figures, tank and terrain are well done. The base and figures are really well executed and placed. Thanks for taking the time to show your work.