Archived site

The old aeroscale site has been archived; fair enough, it was a dinosaur from a technological viewpoint.
But the content is just great and it will take the current site many years to come to the same level.

I find it a pity that this content is hidden amongst (for most users) trivial things such as Privacy Policy, About Us, and Terms of Service.

Maybe this is only a temporary solution? For the longer term I would love to see a better integration of all the old content with the new one.

Ahem… :slight_smile:

But yes at some point I will come up with a better navigation level for the page on AeroScale itself as well.

Obviously, I need new glasses (strong ones) :slight_smile: but I would welcome a better integration.

I know, users are a pain: first they complain like mad about outdated technology, and when you give them a super site, then they ask for the old thing again :rofl: :smile: :grin:

It is just that it is now even more obvious how much info is availabel in those archives. It even appears that the word “archive” does not do sufficient justice to all that content.

My plan is to build in a Google search engine on the new sites that will search both the new and old version and present the results on a page on the new site. Just haven’t gotten to that part yet. At the moment I am actually uploading just the Historicus Forma archive in flat HTML to it’s new home. And…at the current rate it will take… 1 day… 8 hrs. Can’t wait till I get to doing one of the larger sites! :smiley:

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Excellent approach. Making the new and old sites to act like a single source of information will be very beneficial;

Just wanted to let everyone know, that I just checked the archived shipwrights forums, and it worked quite well! Glad I stumbled onto this thread.