$%!$#! Argg... will be glad to leave old server behind

Just making those two posts this morning on the old server was painful as heck. In the end I had to restart the database and Apache just to speed things up a little. I don’t know how some of you put up with it. I use to be on DSL (last 2 years) so I thought it was me, now on high speed cable and still slow. Doh…

How is everyone doing with loading speeds on the new forum? Other than the occasional late PM slow downs (which may be Amazon doing backups - not sure) I haven’t seen any issues.


Although now that I think on that it would be about 5AM morning in London where this server is actually based. So that still might be backups though.

Ummmm, You posted like 2 minutes ago and around here, 1 hour east of London UK, the time is 3.55 PM so in London UK it would be 2.55 PM.

Yes the old forum is sloooow, not quite as dozy as my internet banking though.
Yes, we have put up with it and some still refuse to abandon ship and will rather go down with it.

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Lol…no I was thinking of the couple of times I have tried to access the new forum around say 9PM my time and it was being sluggish. So in London that would have been 8 hrs ahead so 5AM. :wink:

I don’t think some of those members understand just how many hours (and blood, sweat and tears) of my life are in that code that I am willing to discard to give this community (and my business!) a future. It’s a tad ironic to be criticized for something like that. Like I could have just snapped my fingers and fixed the old software easily and not gone this route that has taken 100s of hours to execute either way. But better 100s than thousands, or never.


For me I haven’t had any issues with this new set up - the old one, thats another story, the server issue is ever present and very random in when it allows you to upload etc.
This new one is in my opinion a massive leap forward and will enhance the whole network once everyone is on it and knows how to use it.
You have done everyone a favour in setting this up.


Jim, This new site is absolutely FANTASTIC!..No issues for me.
Thanks for setting it up and all the hard work you put in!
Best regards,


Jim, I have high speed streaming internet and this site is instantaneous. No buffering or lag time at all. It’s click-bang. This is one of the fastest sites I have on my computer. :+1:


I’m having no issues in the new set up. So thank you for it all Jim.

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No issues with my browser or ISP accessing or running the site. Photo upload speeds are very quick, even trying a little to “stress” the system and see what it can do. Probably takes less that 30 seconds to upload as many as 10 photos each in the 50Kb file-size range.

The tutorial is a bit confusing and assumes, I think, a good bit of experience. However, it is quite doable and worth the little bit of time and effort to complete.

Cheers for the effort and time to put it all together.


I keep hopping back and forth and the biggest change is loading photos. What a big difference the new is to work with photos! Looking forward to new ARMORAMA looking like the boat folks section and more than just the forum part. Thank you for all you do Jim. What a year


Same here, no problems with the new forum at all, I love it.
Old forum, as mentioned before, often slow and regularly unavailable, then I had to refresh my browser several times, or just waited until it functioned again.

Regarding the reaction of some of the people, remember that with any change, there is always (some) resistance.
I think it will be best to close the old forum for editing as soon as possible, it will hopefully end the anxiousness, so we can all go back to building :smiley:


No issues here Jim. We all respect you for what you do. Not everyone will like everything about the new site but I think everyone understands that it was necessary. Thanks for giving us the ability to easily post pictures. Carry on sir.


Resistance is Futile… :robot::robot::robot::robot::robot::rocket:


I think I’ve already been assimilated :rofl:

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If you think high speed cable is fast, you should try fiber optic. Talk about mind blowing speeds. :grin:

Yeah they are actually getting that at my old house come the new year. But to be fair there are really only a few providers that can transfer at those kind of speeds. Downloading a game from Steam or the like will probably still be at at measly 38 mega bits per second. :smiley:

Now Amazon or Netflix. Those sites will keep up usually.

Just wanted to say, I rarely had a problem with accessing the old site - sure, there was the occassional hiccup, but nothing to get overwrought about. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, I love the ability to post photos directly to your post, instead of having to go through a photo hosting site. For the time being, though, I’m using the site in its most basic ways - I’m not keen on all the symbols and stuff floating around (but that feeling applies to any social media).

And oh yeah, I use a cable modem, and speed of upload or download has never been an issue.

Anyway, glad the site is up and running, and we’re all getting used to it, bit by bit.



Jim, do the new forums have a refresh rate, or do I have to click on the Kitmaker header to see new posts?

I’m UK based and lucky to have fibre optical well, but the new site is instantaneous compared to the old. If I were to equate the old to a car, I often had the urge to get and push, so slow at times was it.

Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes.

I am almost certain that it refreshes automatically