Arma Hobby Hurricane 2c 1/48 Scale

Just received this kit. Excellent fit so far and easy to build. Surprised the kit only comes with decals for seatbelts so I will wait for a 3d printed seat and belts to come in. I lost part A33, but will drive on anyway.


looks like a nice kit. let me know how the wing / fuselage fit is. been thinking of getting it instead of airfix. had issues with the wing fit on that one.

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So far the fit is pretty darn good. The wing to fuselage join is almost perfect.


Wow! That wing root fit :star_struck:

Beautiful build so far

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Thanks, nice kit really helps.

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Added the oil cooler


Cleaned up a few seems in prep for paint. Added the windscreen. Need to mask off areas before I break out the airbrush.